Flaming Husky's Sand Wraiths

Meet the Sand Wraiths

Color - Turquoise Blue, Sand Spikes, Yellow Spots
Eyes - Light & Dark Blue with white
Found / Rescued.

Flaming Husky came across Chase whilst he was stuck in a trap.. in a tree. After alot of waiting and gaining a little of his trust, Flaming Husky was finally able to free Chase. Chase followed her around, sometimes covertly, sometimes not. Chase always came to Flaming Husky's aid, and after a while their trust grew, and then began a loyal and great friendship.

Color - Sand, Brown Spikes, White Spots
Eyes - Yellow
Found / Rescued

Tiani was found stuck in mud, with Chase's help, Flaming Husky managed to free the young Sand Wraith. She, like Chase, followed both Flaming Husky & Chase around, and eventually became part of their dragon pack.

Color - Green, Blue Spikes, Light Lime Green Spots
Eyes - Green
Adopted / Rescued

Arrow was adopted when he was found in a cage, his owner did not know how to handle him, and was scared of him. After some time and Chase's help, Arrow began to trust Flaming Husky & Chase, and joined their dragon pack.
(Not Yet In-Game)

Color - Dark / Medium Blue, Sand Colored Spikes, Lime Green Spots,
Eyes - Green
Chase & Tiani's Offspring

Crash was hatched with Flash... Literally. There was only one egg, and assumed only 1 dragon, but then when they hatched, Flash went flying around the room... like a 'Flash', and Crash went crashing everywhere.

Color - Red, White Spikes, Yellow Spots
Eyes - Blue
Chase & Tiani's Offspring

Flash was hatched with Crash... There was only one egg, and assumed only 1 dragon, but then when they hatched, Flash went off in a 'flash', and Crash went crashing into Flaming Husky's hut almost completely destroying the place.

Color - Brown with a hint of Red, Orange Spikes, White or Light Sand Spots
Eyes - White with Brown flecks
Chase & Tiani's Offspring

A year after Crash & Flash were born, along came Heatwave and his brother Cold. Heatwave was hatched when placed next to a flaming lava pit, he was born with a big happy face, and starred at the fire of the lava pit for hours. He now is completely fascinated with fire, and loves the warmth, even if it means him getting a little burnt. Whenever a trip to Volcano Island is on the cards, Heatwave is always there waiting to attend. Heatwave & Cold have a very strong bond, even though they are opposite's.

Captain Cold 
Color - Light Blue, White Spikes, White Spots
Eyes - Light Blue
Chase & Tiani's Offspring

Cold was born with Heatwave, Cold hatched second, after Skywalker (Woolly Howl) accidentally sneezed a ice blast at his egg. Once he got his bearings he went strait over to Chase, then over to Skywalker and tried climbing in his ice cold mouth, much to Skywalker's dismay. Now Cold is older he always attends to the long ice cold trips to Glacier Island, and even had a warm snow jacket made just for him. Cold & Heatwave have a very strong bond, even though they are opposite's.

Color - Green, Orange Spikes, Blue Spots
Eyes - Yellow

Rocket was adopted with his brother (Zazou) after Flaming Husky's friend, Tianii went mysteriously missing with her number 1 dragon. All of Tianii's dragons got adopted by another viking, but Flaming Husky decided the Sand Wraiths would be more than welcome to join her dragon pack. Rocket is a happy, keen & speedy little fella, not as fast as Flash, but he sure knows how to keep up. It took some time, but Rocket now feels completely at home with Flaming Husky's dragon pack.
(Not Yet In-Game)

Color - Red, Brown Spikes, Black Spots
Eyes - White with Brown
Adopted / Rescued

Daredevil was found alone in a forest just a few minutes away from the beach, He was crying and Flaming Husky could see he had some kind of problem. Daredevil immediately took to Chase, and Flaming Husky took him back to her stables to check him out fully. It was only after arriving home, Flaming Husky realized he was blind. For a long time Flaming Husky took extra care of Daredevil, even taking him out on her daily flying trip. It was there she discovered that even know he was blind he was a little daredevil, running around happily, stopping and listening to all the sounds around him. Dare (for short), still has not lost his happiness, and goes out on daily flying sessions with Flaming Husky (followed by Chase), entrusting her to tell him what to do. Unfortunately for Daredevil, he can not fly without Flying Husky, but he is probably one of the smartest Sand Wraiths she has ever met.
(Not Yet In-Game)

White Canary 
Color - White, Light Sand Colored Spikes, Light Sand Colored Spots
Eyes - Blue
Adopted / Rescued.

Canary is a Feisty little Sand. She was found at a very young age, and her mother wasn't in sight, predictably her mother was most likely caught by dragon hunters. She is very calm, but can get very annoyed if another dragon is bothering her, and usually ends up with Canary teaching them a lesson. You can see her always around Heatwave, and mostly Cold. 

Color - Pink, Red Spikes, White Spots
Eyes - White
Chase & Tiani's Offspring

Spotty was hatched without any siblings her age, so growing up was a bit of a bore for her. She is now one of the most laid-back dragons in the whole pack. If a dragon wants to play, you can see her running in the opposite direction to get away of any such fun. Spotty's idea of fun is chasing little animals back into their holes, or flying beside Chase to one of the many islands around Dragons Edge.
(Not Yet In-Game)

Color - Brown, Light Sand Colored Spikes, Red Spots
Eyes - Yellow
Chase & Tiani's Offspring

Comet was born next to Lula, and is quite different from his sister. Comet is quite clumsy, he flies right up into the sky, and then dive bombs down but always ends up going heads first in the ground, and usually ends up destroying something. He gets along great with Crash, with them both being not the smartest of the gang, they spend all day playing or crashing into stuff and destroying things.
(Not Yet In-Game)

Color - Pale Sand Colored (almost White), Sand Colored Spikes, White Spots
Eyes - Light Blue, with Yellow Flecks 
Chase & Tiani's Offspring

Lula is quite different from her brother. Where is he is a clumsy flying destroying machine, Lula is very elegant. She takes her time, and is often around her mother Tiani, and her sister Aloha. Lula is very well behaved, though can sometimes throw quite a tantrum when she doesn't get the salmon that she wants.
(Not Yet In-Game)

Color - Purple, White Spikes, Yellow Spots
Eyes - Yellow
Chase & Tiani's Offspring

Aloha is very small compared to her brothers & sisters, only just being a little bit taller than her youngest sister Lula. She is often the one the other dragons see as a bit of a push over, and usually Chase or Tiani has to step in and help little Aloha out. But even though Aloha being very small spends most of her days hiding in the tree's chasing away any birds that come near.

Color - White, Blue Spikes, Blue Spots
Eyes - White with Blue Flecks

Zazou was adopted with his brother (Rocket), after Flaming Husky's friend, Tianii went missing.
Zazou was named after Tianii's first dragon, a Monstrous Nightmare that died of old age. Zazou, is pretty calm, and a lot like his brother, though Zazou is a lot more trusting than Rocket was. Zazou is now happy in his new home with Flaming Husky & the rest of her dragon pack, and ironically, has taken quite a liking to Flaming Husky's Monstrous Nightmare, Firestorm. 
(Not Yet In-Game)

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Color - Light Sand, Dark Brown Spikes, Blue Spots
Eyes - Blue

Chase & Tiani's Offspring

Personality coming soon

Darth Vader
Color - Dark Grey/Black, Red Spikes, Blue Spots
Eyes - Light Blue

Chase & Tiani's Offspring

Personality Coming Soon

Color - Blue, Yellow Spikes, Red Spots
Eyes - Light Blue

Chase & Tiani's Offspring

Personality Coming Soon

Other Sand Wraiths Coming soon -
Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi, Echo, Domino, Gypsy, Raider, Void, Destiel.

Other non game dragons - 

Desert Wraiths -
Castiel, Winchester, Gabriel, Solo, Ravager, Taskmaster, Prodigy, Blackout, Jinx.

Night Furies - 
Zorro, Cassey, Nitro, Reaper.

Toxic Nightshade - Draconis, Grimm - Grimler, Hunter - Triple Stryke, Skye - Silver Phantom,
Lucifer - Terrible Terror.


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